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EmNet Primary School

Bright faces hoping for a bright future. Give to Rescue a Dream


“When I grow up I want to fly airplanes.” Children have dreams, but to live in Kampala urban slum those dreams will never come true unless they have an education. Net for Hope Foundation believes in dreams and it is our goal to provide the education needed.


$15.00 a month will give a child a chance for a dream to come true. It will pay for a hot meal a day, school books, supplies and a classroom to learn in. Give today and be their hero who can continue to bring hope back in their lives.

Thrive Training

“The groups have helped me a lot in life. I am different from I use to be, better at relationships, dealing with problems. My friends and family notice and ask me how I changed? The booklets taught me. I read them over and over.”


“Going through Net for Hope Thrive program has not only changed my life for the better, but I am even beginning to thrive in my life. I am deeply indebted to this program because the success I am enjoying. How I wish many people in this nation that I love could have a piece of this. It would change people’s lives and even this nation for the better.”


Change must come from within by acquiring a new way of thinking and behaving. Through small groups and relevant material to guide the process of change are individuals helped.


$50.00 will train a group leader to facilitator life changing material to a group of 10 people, $25.00 will provide a Thrive Booklet and 4 month course for a group participant.


S7 Skills Empowerment Center

Academic/Vocational School training in carpentry, catering/restaurant, secretary skills, graphic arts, computer programming and arts


"I can now think differently and independently. I have the ability to survive as an individual and think big. I have even been able to start some businesses." Secretarial and Computer Skills student, class of 2009. Currently S7 Typing Teacher.


"S7 is one of the outstanding institutions in Uganda. It provides a practical, not a theoretical, education." Catering student of class 2012. Currently Head Chef at one of our businesses.


$25 a month + 184 monthly donors = the school to continue in service to the community.


S8 Businesses

Building businesses for employment and entrepreneurship


Roger Basu graduated from S7 Skills Empowerment Center in 2009 and is one of our S8 Business owners. In S7 he took general computer skills, typing, catering and entrepreneurship which taught him how to start a business. He received a loan from S8 and began Turkey Delight, a frozen turkey business that caters to supermarkets and hotels. He produces various products, packaged whole turkey, sausage, ham, frankfurters and turkey parts. He employs 12 people to opertate his business.


$75.00 a month will provide graduate students from S7 Skills Empowerment Center to receive business grants to start their own businesses.



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